Hi there! I'm Megan.

Lover of Coffee, Tacos, Sunsets, Craft Beer & Corey

I'm a curly haired virgo, wife and cat mom living in Watertown, NY and over the last few years I've been on a winding path of curiosity to figure out what I'm passionate about. It took 7 years in a profession I didn't love, changing my graduate school plans multiple times, a health coaching course, some encouragement from my husband and little leap of faith to realize my soul lies in creativity. I'm now working on becoming a full time creative through my photography and embroidery businesses.

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Some fun fast facts:

  • I'm an enneagram 4w3, INFJ and my love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service and physical touch.
  • I grew up as an army child, living in multiple states and countries before the age of 12.
  • My favorites movies are 10 Things I Hate About You, When Harry Met Sally, Little Miss Sunshine & Moonrise Kingdom -- and basically anything else Wes Anderson.
  • I'm an extroverted introvert and while I love to interact with people, I could also keep myself entertained for hours (read: days)
  • I'm married to a friend from high school but we didn't start dating until 8 years after we graduated high school and after 4 years of hardly speaking.
  • I love food and will try just about anything.
  • I am not really a sweet tooth, I'll always take salty snacks over something sweeter.
  • I wish I loved reading more than I do, but I struggle to find a book that really keeps me engaged.
  • I am definitely more of a night owl than an early bird and often think my creativity is at its best in the evening.

Lifestyle Photography for Upstate New York & Beyond

I am based in Watertown, NY and will always serve the North Country, Adirondack, Thousand Islands, Syracuse and Central New York Regions! I would love a great reason to travel a little further and will consider travel on a case by case basis! Where do you wanna go?!